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We have adapted to the continuously changing market. Our unique supplies of traditional and genuine ingredients help us being one of the most recognized food suppliers and distributors in the United Kingdom.
Today, our product range is structured, eclectic, and unique amongst those imported into the UK, comprising products from all around the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Middle East. With this ethos, IFoodUK became a pioneer in the categories of Olive oil, non-alcoholic drinks, food cupboard, desert and baklava and diary products, and introducing many products into the UK. These include the now well-known cheeses, as well as Kalamata Olives, Tahini paste, Tamrah Sweets, and Filo pastry leaves amongst many others.

New products of iFood UK Store

Brand: Loumides
Loumides Greek Coffee - Decaffeinated(30 x 96g)..
Brand: Makedoniki
Makedoniki - Quinces in Syrup(6 x 500g)..
Brand: Makedoniki
Makedoniki - Figs in Syrup(6 x 500g)..
Brand: minos
Minos Select - Cretan Thyme Honey Glass Jar 12x120g..
Brand: Good Fig
Good Fig - Dried Fig Gift Pack 30x200g..
EL ALMENDRO - Turron (Almond / Creamy / No Added Sugar) - 200g
Brand: El Almendro
We use the best ingredients to make this turron in a no-added-sugar version...
Brand: Makedoniki
Makedoniki - Sweet Red Cherries in Syrup(6 x 500g)..
Doralife Ginger Herbal Paste(6 x 400g)..
Brand: Jannis
Jannis Cashew Bar (20x40g)..
Brand: Tamrah
Tamrah Caramel Chocolate Dates – Small Zipper Bag 24x80g..

iFood UK news & updates

07 Dec iFood is proud to be working with so many established brands!
admin 0 61
iFood is proud to be working with so many established brands! iFood UK Store is one of the best onl..
06 Dec See our latest products from El Almendro
0 58
See our latest products from El Almendro..
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Greek coffee is a strong brew of coffee, which is served with foam on the top (kaimaki) and the grou..
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